Although there has been relative success with Amor Mundi, which is currently the central site for my longer essays and outputs at the moment, alongside the podcast, I wanted to start a new blog for shorter posts or random thoughts. In this I hope to keep a blog (literally a web-log) of my day-to-day thoughts concerning contemporary politics and aesthetics, prompted by whatever I am reading at the time.

           My  format, which I hope to stick to, will be simple: no more than four paragraphs per post, one thought at a time, and no censoring of academic language. Also, every now and then I will randomly post what I am reading at the moment. If there are any readers out there, feel free to get into contact via the contact bar to the right. 

          What's with the name? - (a) Political Literature (pol-lit), (b) polit-ical, (c) Polity [πολιτεία] (po-Li-tee), and (d) poLit is a synergy of political and posit.

            So, what am I reading?

(1) Ernst H. Kantorowicz - 'The King's Two Bodies: A Study in Medieval Political Theology'

(2) Marc Augé - 'Non-Places: An Introduction into Supermodernity'

(3) Barry Buzan and Ole Wæver, 'Macrosecuritisation and Security Constellations: Reconsidering Scale in Securitisation Theory', Review of International Studies, 2009, 35(2), pp. 253-276. 

          Time to think!